Not only is Bethune & Son 'Open for Business', they support local Texas businesses as a local Texas business themselves.

It's no surprise that buying local means keeping money in the community but according to Community Business Finance "$68 of every $100 spent at a local independent store is reinvested in the community versus $43 with a larger retailer."

Bethune and Son caters to the lifestyles of the south Texas gentleman while investing in local businesses and businesses like Patagonia who have a philanthropic arm on a large scale.

"Small businesses in the U.S. created nearly 2 million of the approximately 3 million private-sector jobs generated just in 2014 alone. Patronizing these businesses means keeping people employed and creating new jobs as they grow," Community Business Finance offers as well.

Brands like River Rd. Clothing Co. sold at Bethune &Son is from New Braunsfels, Howler Brothers was born in Austin and the list goes on. Texas Standard, Texas Tumbleweed, River Road, all brands available at Bethune & Son, all in Texas. It's not just the apparel that Bethune & Sons offers, even Mission Mercantile leather goods, is beautifully made in San Antonio Texas as well.

Handpicked to outfit any man for his next adventure, Bethune & Son carries the best brands in the industry. Open Monday through Wednesday from 10am to 5:30pm and Thurday through Saturday from 10am until 7pm, Bethune & Son creates a local shopping experience that provides what men in our area look for most in a retail store: quality lifestyle clothing that will last him a lifetime.

You can shop their entire store online here but be sure to stop by their gorgeous new location in the heart of downtown Victoria located at 201 South Main St. Or call them at 361.579.7328.

Thank you to Bethune & Son for being a local Texas business supporting local Texas businesses in return!

Victoria, shop local! Shop Bethune & Son.

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