Bethany Senior Living, located at 118 Trinity in Port Lavaca, Texas is Open For Business and has a great way for families to visit with each other while still practicing social distancing; window visits while on the phone.

Many of us may be wondering how those in assisted living might be able to receive the benefit of family contact during these unprecedented times.

Well, at Bethany Senior Living, the happiness and welfare of the families living there are their top priority, so they've put together a creative way for seniors to visit family safely by offering window visits where families can visit with each other through the window  while on the phone visiting as well.

One of the wonderful aspects on the grounds at Bethany Senior Living outside of featuring over 60,000 square feet of living area, is the dedicated space they call The Cove.  The Cove is a fully secured facility for people with dementia, Alzheimer's and behavioral needs. You're loved one is provided extra security so you can be assured at Bethany Senior Living.

"We strive to make the transition to assisted living as smoothly as possible. We take care of everything" Stephanie Ross, External Marketer for Bethany Senior Living, offers.

If you'd like to take a virtual tour of Bethany Senior Living, you can find it on their website here. Or call 361.551.0500 to schedule an appointment. You can also get information on their Facebook page here as well.

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