Tropical Storm Beta made landfall late Monday, while Victoria did get some rain, the heaviest rains remained to our East.  A wind gust of 52 MPH and 49 MPH were recorded in the Victoria area overnight. These where some of the highest gust associated with Tropical Storm Beta. While I feel that Victoria was spared in this Tropical Storm.  There was some damage and flooding right here in Victoria County!
Latisha woke up to this in front of her house.  This is on Colorado St. near Riverside Park. UPDATE: A good samaritan cut up this tree while Latisha was at work.  Shout out to Angel! There is still good in this world :).

Here is a look at K.R Miller Field in Inez.


More flooding in Inez. Joey has reported 9 inches of rain in 24 hours!


Here is a look at the hike and bike trail creek, just about filled to the top. 


Here is another photo from the Inez area.


If you have any pictures of flooding or damage that happened here in Victoria. Please email me at

While Tropical Storm Beta was strong enough to get the attention of the Weather Channel, no reporters were dispatched to Victoria.  Reporters were only set up along the coast in Port O'Connor and Rockport among other locations.

Luckily we have our own "Hurricane Reporter.'  Some of you might remember Cody Shugart and his comedic coverage of Hurricane Hanna's landfall, back in July.   He quickly became known as #notcantore in the crossroads and his videos went viral in South Texas.  Well!  HE'S BACK!

Here is his coverage of Tropical Storm Beta, which began in front of Long John Silvers on Saturday. You will also see behind the scenes as well!

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