There is little doubt that by now you've seen at least one of the Bernie Sanders in mittens memes that have been sweeping the internet of Bernie sitting with his legs crossed wearing larger than life mittens during the Biden/Harris inauguration!

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Since then, Bernie has showed up in his mittens just about everywhere! Bernie sitting on a bench next to Forrest Gump, Bernie on the boat in Bird Box, Bernie on the Millenium Falcon; the list goes on and on and on and on! And each meme even more fun than the last!  We collected a few of those memes for your viewing pleasure in the button below.

Let's just say it, Bernie in his mittens is taking over the world! Well, at least the internet. But back here in our neck of the woods, right here in Texas, Bernie in his mittens is doing good things for some locals in Corpus Christi.

Bernie and his mittens just raised $20,000.00 on eBay!

In a story that broke by Kiii3 in Corpus, local resident and crocheter, Tobey King of Tobey Time Crochet, crocheted a Bernie Sanders doll complete with those now-famous mittens and auctioned it on eBay for an astonishing $20,000.00

Equally astonishing is where Tobey King has pledged to spend the proceeds from the auction... to feed immobile neighbors.

" King says she wasn’t sure what to do with the doll, but with some inspiration from the senator and her friend, she found a way to help others. She said Bernie just sold a bunch of sweatshirts and donated to meals on wheels Vermont and I said that, that is perfect, that is what I want to do,” said King, the article by Kiii3 reports.

King originally put the price tag on her artwork at .99 cents and within days it reached and sold for $20,000.00.

King has committed that the proceeds from the doll are going towards ‘Meals on Wheels America. “This could be my purpose; this is my new path,” said King. “This is a new way of helping people in a way that I’ve never been able to do before."


Here is a video of the interview from Kiii3 on Youtube.

Way to go Tobey King!

Locally, we wanted to include one of the best renderings we've seen of Bernie in his mittens in Victoria. Local balloon artist, Aftan Puente of Twisted Creations, who is also a philanthropist, created a balloon version of Bernie too! This one was just for fun!


Photo Courtesy of Aftan P of Twisted Creations
Photo Courtesy of Aftan P of Twisted Creations



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