Scammers have found another opportunity to try and steal your money!    This scam revolves around the stimulus checks for coronavirus aid.  As someone who gets scams calls every week, I feel the need to let you know about this scam.  Since these deposits are being sent by direct deposit and also paper checks, this gives the scammers many different ways to try and get your money.

One red flag that you are trying to be scammed is that they will ask you to sign up for the stimulus check.  No one will ever reach out to you to ask you about this, the IRS knows who is eligible.  That being said, if you need to add banking information to receive your check via direct deposit, you can visit the IRS website by clicking here.  Stimulus check payments will start being sent out mid-April, there is no need to call and no action is needed.

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You could also receive official looking mail from scammers asking you to go online to 'verify' your information with a password or to verify your direct deposit information.  This is another scamming practice.  Don't fall for it!

The last one is one of the most common scams, which has been used for Social Security, Computer Support, and previous IRS scams.  In the scam the scammers will ask for you to send them back money via gift cards, cash, and or wire transfers.

The IRS will never call you and will never ask you to confirm any type of information over phone, email, or text.  If you need anymore information be sure you check the official IRS website by clicking here.

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