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I've heard of "Day Trip" but what's a "Batty Night Trip"?

We've put a serious spin on the tons of day trip adventures that we love to share with you, our listeners. Instead of another day trip idea today though, we're going to focus on some of the coolest night trips you can take in Texas, especially when it comes to exploring the amazing bat colonies we have in and around our community. But we won't stop there.

Looking for a new trip to take with family? How about a night trip to mix it up?

We've included the complete list of batty night trips you can take your family to in Texas, compliments of Texas Parks and Wildlife, which you can read here but we want to suggest you check out Cibolo's Nature Center Family Bat Walk and Nature Night Hike offered monthly at the Cibolo Nature Center.

It's a chance to be part of exploring the nocturnal nature of some of our coolest animals, like bats, armadillos and owls just for starters! When was the last time you enjoyed an evening with fields of fireflies? Yep, that's what I thought.

Here you can enjoy the adventure safely with educated staff.

Guests will be asked to bring a flashlight and water bottle, and walk at a moderate hiking pace.

According to a report by KSAT12 which you can read here, "The group hikes will take place on two separate days from April to November. Family Bat Walk and Nature Night Hike both begin at 8 p.m."

The Family Bat Walk is geared towards families with children and less of a hike while the Nature Night Hikes are geared more for adults and are said to be more rigorous.

Face masks will also be required for hikers when they’re in close proximity to others. The center said there will be “plenty of space” to ensure social distancing.

It's not expensive either.

Tickets range from $8 for members to $10 for non-members. The Cibolo Nature Center is located at 140 City Park Road in Boerne. Armadillo Twilight Hike, the next adult hike is scheduled for May 15. The full calendar of events for Cibolo Nature Center is here.

See you in the dark!

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