There have been rumors swirling around Victoria about a Baskin Robbins coming to town for months.  Yesterday, we got an official confirmation from the Baskin Robbin Facebook page.

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In case you didn't know, that is the old Double Dave's location adjacent to Cimarron Junction, which means you can get your 31 flavors without getting out of your car!

If you have lived in Victoria for a while, you know this isn't Baskin Robbins first time in Victoria.  In the early 2000's you could find them connected to a Burger King and Valero across from Big Lots.  That building is now vacant 😟.

Now! If you are old school, like me, you also miss going to  BR  on Laurent St across from the old Weiners Store, yup, I am showing my age LOL.

I am super excited to have this back in our town 😀.  Now we just need a Krispy Kreme, Cheesecake Factory, Freddy's Steakburger, you keep it going...

Let me know what new restaurant/fast food place you want brought to Victoria, I might use this information for an upcoming story!

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