Texas has lots of eyes on the capital city as the numbers of COVID-19 cases continue to go up. In Victoria county, we have seen a grand total of 1,336 confirmed cases so far with several hundred still listed as active.

With masks on and social distancing in mind, the Crossroads continues to pray the levels of active cases do not threaten our hospital capacity or health care workers.

In Austin, the story is of a more severe nature. Mayor Steve Adler appeared on Good Morning America over the 4th of July holiday and since then, talk has been focused on a proposed shutdown of the capital city. A special meeting has been planned in Austin for this Thursday morning according to CBSAustin.com.

If the Mayor and the city council vote for a shutdown the proposal on the table will call for a 35-day shutdown. The goal is to lower the spread of COVID-19 and getting the levels low enough to allow public schools to reopen by August 18th. This would mean the shutdown would have to get underway in just days from now. During Thursday's meeting, the council says they may authorize the health authority to adopt rules to protect individuals from COVID-19 along with creating a system for penalties and non-compliance, along with a declaration of an emergency.

These emergency powers can make people awful nervous so lots of concerned Texans will be paying close attention to the results of the meeting. Austin business owners are already on edge as there is talk from the Mayor and the council about creating a city ordinance that would declare any site that does not work to control the spread of coronavirus as a "nuisance, deserving of civil enforcement."

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