Ashley McBryde released a twangy new song on Friday (Feb. 21), in which she sings about the vices that keep her from drumming up other, perhaps more romantic, kinds of trouble. Press play above to hear "First Thing I Reach For."

In “First Thing I Reach For,” McBryde rolls through the usual vices -- coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and one-night stands -- lamenting, "The first thing I reach for is the last thing I need.” But by the final lines, she’s noticing how reaching for these vices is keeping her from making bad choices in her love life.

“Oh the last thing I need is to need you like I do,” she admits. She’s swapping one self-destructive behavior for another, “And the first thing I reach for is anything but you.”

"First Thing I Reach For," written by McBryde with Mick Holland and Randall Clay, comes from McBryde’s second album, Never Will, which is set for release on April 3. It’s an upbeat, feel-good tune, despite its relatively bleak, but honest, view of why humans reach for vices and the roles those vices play as temporary fixes.

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics are also extremely self-aware: “If I can keep away the lonely for a moment, well, that's good enough for me,” McBryde sings, signaling that she knows the relief of a vice will only feel good for a few minutes, and perhaps only for the length of the song itself.

The video that accompanies "First Thing I Reach For" is footage of McBryde and her band on the road, performing and enjoying some downtime, a diversion from the trilogy of videos she released earlier this year. The last installment, “Hang in There Girl,” came out on Jan. 29.

McBryde will be on the road into December. She continues her One Night Standards Tour in Augusta, Ga., on Feb. 27, and will join Luke Combs on his What You See Is What You Get Tour in April.

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