Just a few days ago, articles started to circulate about a secret button on your iPhone.  and hackers also took notice.  Apple has now pushed out security patches this morning as part of its new iOS 14.4 software, which also includes fixes for keyboard lag and allows smaller QR codes to be read by the camera.

At this time, Apple is urging iPhone and iPad update immediately.  Apple is having security issues that have recently been exploited by hackers.

As reported by ABC-13 in Houston, the two security issues stem from its WebKit, an open-source browser engine used by Safari and iOS browsers. "A remote attacker may be able to cause arbitrary code execution," the company said in the description notes. Meanwhile, Kernel, an Apple developer framework, was also affected.

Apple posted on their support webpage that said three security flaws "may have been actively exploited." Apple did not elaborate further.  Apple will never disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has occurred and a fix has been issued.

In case you didn't know, the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone is more than just branding. It's a secret "button" that allows you to perform specific functions by double or triple tapping on the back of your phone. READ MORE.

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