In a recent interview with KRPC 2 in Houston to address the rising number of COVID cases in Texas.  His response: 'I will not impose another mask mandate.' Abbott goes on to tell KPRC that “The medical component, as we all know, is that one of the things that dramatically reduces, if not eliminates, the possibility of getting COVID or even getting the Delta variant of COVID is getting a vaccine,” Abbott said. Abbott also spoke about the kids returning to school. Although his remarks were brief they were strong: "Kids will not be forced by the government or schools to wear a mask in the fall."


The governor said his reason behind not issuing another mask mandate is due to people having “immunity to COVID through the vaccination or through their own exposure and recovery from it.” Abbott continues to work with local officials around Texas to ensure that everyone has the supplies they need to get a vaccine if they want. 

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As of 7/21, there were 21 new COVID cases bringing the total number of cases to 159. The hospitalization rate now sits at 7.17% and has risen from 4.67% during the past week. As of this past Sunday(7/18), 43% of Texans have been vaccinated. Currently, The Health Dept is doing the Moderna vaccinations on Tuesdays from 1:30 - 4 pm. Need to register on to get a spot or you can call 361-578-6281 ext 3207.  You can also get the vaccines the HEB, CVS & Wal-Mart pharmacies in Victoria.

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