Not every breakup is a bad one. Aaron Watson's brand-new single, "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," celebrates a couple's split; readers can press play above to listen.

"If there ever was a good day / It's the day that boy kissed that girl goodbye," Watson sings in the first verse of "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," an uptempo track full of handclaps and fast fiddle. If any listeners were feeling bad for the dumpee, Watson continues in the second verse, "It's a brand-new rhyme and riddle / Your turn to play that fiddle / That same old song and dance is comin' to an end / 'Cause a fresh new start will warm your heart ..."

"If he really wants a goodbye kiss / He must be out of his ever-lovin' mind," Watson sings in a smart-alec bridge. "If he really wants a goodbye kiss / You tell him to go kiss it where the sun don't shine."

On Twitter, Watson explains that he wrote "Kiss That Girl Goodbye" late one night after a show. That evening, he'd met a fan "who was in tears after being stood up on a date," he says.

"I wanted to come out of the gates with a fast, fun, boot-stomper," Watson adds. "My little girl Jolee Kate loves it and says it has GIRL POWER!"

To announce the release of "Kiss That Girl Goodbye," Watson shared a short video of himself and his daughter Jolee Kate singing along to the song. The track is available via Apple Music, Spotify and more.

"Kiss That Girl Goodbye" is the first single from a forthcoming new album from Watson, Red Bandana, due out in 2019; it's one of 20 songs Watson wrote for the new record. The year marks the artist's 20th anniversary in the music business, and he tells The Boot that his next project is "the one."

"If this is the last album I make, I'm fine with that," he adds. "It's just me sharing everything ... just talking about my struggles and my triumphs."

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