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As a big-time sports fan, I can truly appreciate an accomplishment like this.  As reported by ESPN, North Texas softball pitcher Hope Trautwien pitched the most perfect of perfect games. As if pitching a perfect game wasn't enough, she struck out every batter she faced! Twenty-one up, twenty-one down.  This is the SECOND time she has struck out 21 batters THIS SEASON.

She accomplished this feat during her first start of the season. She also gave up five hits and two runs in this 6-2 win for UNT.  She would probably also strike me out in three pitches too, no thanks!  This M.B.A candidate from Pflugerville is a Senior at the University of North Texas(UNT).

If you like stats, check this out. Trautwein had to throw a minimum of 63 strikes without inducing any contact. And of her 21 strikeouts, only four were of the looking variety. She got 17 Golden Lions to go down swinging, including the first 10 batters faced as well as six of the final nine. Seven innings pitched. Twenty-one batters faced. All going down on strikes. Not a single live ball in play.  Impressive and unheard of! She is definitely in a class by herself.

Let's put this into perspective and compare some Major League Baseball Stats.  In 2012, Gaints' Matt Cain had 14-K's in a perfect game. In 1965, Sandy Koufax also had 14-K's in a perfect game against the Cubs.  That means 14 out of 27 batters struck out. She crushed that record! Take note boys :).  Hope Trautwien, a perfect game for the ages.

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