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Who doesn't love a happy ending especially when it comes to lost pets?

As a dog AND a cat lover, I can attest that we consider our pets to be a part of the family so when I see a LOST pet sign in the community for someone's beloved pet I immediately understand the urgency that family must feel without their fur baby.

Well, one Texas family is over the moon after their dog who had been missing for three years was just found in Indiana and that's a happy ending most love hearing!

Daisy Duke, a lab mix, wandered off three years ago leaving her family, Mark and Katrina Skelton, desperately looking for her throughout their community in Houston.

As time went on, the Skeltons could do nothing more than to adjust to life without Daisy, but something told them that she was "doing okay" which likely comforted them through the years. You can probably imagine then the shock and excitement they must have felt when three years later they get a call from a family in Indiana saying they had found Daisy Duke at their back door.

Yep, three years later Daisy is home back in Texas after traveling over 1100 miles! 

I love this Youtube video provided by CBS4Indiana that captures the excitement in Katrina's voice when she sees Daisy Duke!

How did the family in Indiana know who to call to return Daisy Duke to her family?

The Skeltons' chose to have Daisy Duke microchipped! Thankfully the Skeltons had microchipped Daisy Duke, so when the family in Indiana found her, all they had to do was make a quick trip to their vet's office hoping she was chipped and sure enough she was!

"She was our first baby," Katrina Skelton offers, "so of course we found a babysitter for our kids and made the drive to bring her home!"

It might have taken three years, but this story of a lost and found dog, has a very happy ending! 

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