Let me clarify by saying these were 87,000 frozen turkeys and go from there.

Dallas News reports that Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc. out of Tyler Texas has had to halt its entire smoked turkey production for 2020, because well, the turkeys were smoked by a fire at the facility before they were smoked at the facility... wait, does that make sense?

Okay, let me try this again. Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc which has been in business for 82 years and sells about 200,000 smoked turkeys every holiday season has experienced a fire and two explosions in its facility three days ago incinerating both a portion of their facility and their turkey stock.

The fire was found to be caused by a mechanical failure that eventually engulfed a turkey freezer holding the 87,000 turkeys and the shipping boxes and bags nearby which caused further explosion, fire, and mess.

Thankfully no one was hurt but sadly it has shut down the entire Greenberg facility for the holiday season.

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According to the Dallas News, Oprah Winfrey named Greenberg Smoked Turkeys one of her " favorite things" on her famous 'favorite things' list in 2003.

As odd as hearing that 87,000 turkeys exploded, believe it or not, there are a plethora of turkey explosions reported during the Thanksgiving holiday! The internet is filled with videos not just from zany folks exploding stuff for fun, but cautionary tales why and how to AVOID a turkey explosion during the frying process, for those who love to fry their turkeys in leu of smoking or roasting them.

TIP: If you are frying a turkey for 2020, be sure it is thoroughly thawed before you submerge it in hot oil! Water and oil do not mix! Thank you New York Magazine for this Youtube video!


In true Texas spirit, Greenberg owner, Sam Greenberg offers, "We will rebuild. We will be smoking turkeys in 2021... and to hell with 2020."

If you wanted to stay updated with the Greenberg facility rebuild and order from them next year, check out their website at gobblegobble.com

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