Imagine waking up in the morning and getting news that your fur-baby died overnight.  This is what happened in Georgetown Texas in an overnight fire at a dog boarding facility,  A fire broke out on Saturday night at the Ponderosa Pet Resort in Georgetown.  According to KVUE in Austin, Twenty-five firefighters responded to the fire after the department received multiple 911 calls of flames at the resort at approximately 10:56 p.m. on Saturday.

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Crews responded quickly, within 4.5 minutes, and discovered heavy fire and smoke. Their main focus was to get in and save lives, no humans were inside of the building. However, they were not able to rescue any of the fur-babies.  Approximately 75 dogs were lost.  According to the fire chief, the dogs did not die from the flame but from smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide.  A Facebook page has been created by parents who lost their dogs in this tragic fire.  It is heartbreaking to read some of these 'goodbye' posts.


 Andrew writes 'Lost our best friend yesterday. We'll miss you Rocco'

Loss of Loved Ones - Ponderosa Pet Resort Andrew Childress

Stephanie writes Buddy Rudy, you are with Jeff now in heaven. I know you are happy with your dad. I miss you so very much but am glad he has you. Run and chase rabbits my loves. I'll see you when it's my time.

Loss of Loved Ones - Ponderosa Pet Resort Stephanie Wright

Shay writes "Cali was only 3, so young and full of life and love. We are completely devastated. We lost her way too soon. My heart is completely broken for her but for all the dogs who were with her. To everyone else that lost their dogs, I know it’s not much of a consolation but we’re hurting right there with you and I can only hope they’re in a better place now."

Loss of Loved Ones - Ponderosa Pet Resort Shay Hewa

The fire department is working with the resort owner to reunite families with their pets, something they're hoping to execute in the coming days. A GoFundMe has been created to raise money to commission pet portraits for all 75 dogs — pending the owners' consent.  Be sure to give your fur-baby an extra belly rub tonight and let us know if you board your dog in the Facebook comments of this article.

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