Since we are only 2 hours away from the Capital of Tejano music, San Antonio and we live in a Tejano music hot spot.  I get to write about Tejano music from time to time.

Bob Levey
Bob Levey

Let me start out by saying, I was raised on Tejano music and to this day, I am 'Tejano and Proud.' and Intocable is one of my favorite Tejano group.  We will talk about that later in the article :).


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Five members from Grammy-award winning Tejano band Intocable have tested positive for COVID-19.  Lead singer and accordionist Ricky Munoz announced in a Facebook message as reported by

While Ricky Munoz made the announcement, he is not one of the infected members.  The members who tested positive include drummer Rene Martinez, bassist, Felix Salinas , percussionist Sergio Sernas, Bajo Player, Johnny Lee Rosas and the newest member Juan Hernandez, which is the 'hype man'

Inctocable recently had two drive in concerts in Poteet and Hidalgo, with more scheduled.  The members who caught COVID-19 did not catch virus while touring.

Intocable  staff drivers and office employees tested negative. He also said his bandmates received medical attention and are now in quarantine.

You can get more information by visiting the Inctocable Facebook page. 

I have seen them in concert at least 7 times, including shows at Sun Valley Ranch, Community Center, and The Grand in Beeville.

I have most of their CD's in my CD collection, T-Shirts, Photos and Autographs from the band. You could call me a super-fan.  If you are a fan, you can appreciate my personal  5 favorite Intocable jams:

5.  'Parece Que No'

4. 'Llevame Contigo'

3. 'Suena'

2.'No Te Vayas'

1. 'Contigo'


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