Of the 259 inmates who are quarantined or isolated, 5 have tested positive for the coronavirus according to a report from the Texas Commission on Jail Standards.

The report is a 54-page review of the inmates as well as staff members at facilities who have reported positive tests at correctional facilities around the state.

You cad read the complete report by clicking the button below.

5 cases in Victoria County jail is down slightly from the 7 cases reported in July. In South Texas, Wharton County reports 6 positive tests among inmates while Karnes County is reporting 14 inmates with confirmed cases. In Karnes County, 21 jailers are also reporting confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Some of the counties with the most positive tests among inmates include:

  • Harris County: 723 (Inmates testing positive), 154 (Jailers testing positive)
  • El Paso County: 48 (Inmates testing positive), 10 (Jailers testing positive)
  • Dallas County: 62 (Inmates testing positive), 39 (Jailers testing positive)
  • Brazos County: 23 (Inmates testing positive), 6 (Jailers testing positive)
  • Brazoria County: 35 (Inmates testing positive), 3 (Jailers testing positive)
  • Bexar County: 98 (Inmates testing positive), 59 (Jailers testing positive)

The Victoria Sheriff's Department reported in July that, “We understand that as a family of an inmate, you may be concerned. Please rest assured that the staff of the Victoria County Jail is working hard to ensure the continued safety of those in our custody.”



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