I don't think it is hyperbole to say that everyone who has a computer, and internet capabilities, have used Amazon. Let's face it. Amazon is a great site when you are looking for stuff to buy or trying to sell stuff you don't need anymore. However, there are certain people who have taken it upon themselves to above and beyond to be rude. I am talking about price gougers. Surely you are aware of this? I, personally, have been searching for some random fun stuff like movies, games, books, or other stuff and noticed that some prices are very high. It seems like the people selling the items have a very high opinion of the item's worth or that person is convinced that someone will pay an abnormally high price simply because it is priced that way.

Germany Is Amazon's Second Biggest Market
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3,900 accounts on Amazon found out that overpricing things doesn't really benefit anyone including themselves, seeing as how their accounts have been suspended for breaching Amazon's fair pricing policies. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are special individuals who are looking to profit off of this and should really be ashamed of themselves for even considering it. Amazon has created teams of people to go in and search for unfairly priced items that are in high demand during this crisis. Don't me wrong, I do believe that a person should make a profit off of something they are selling but to charge a ridiculous price because the item is in high demand is downright disgraceful and wrong.

Those 3,900 suspended accounts weren't the only ones who got caught. In fact, Amazon has pulled over half a million offers because of price gouging. That is a lot of greed. If you would like to read more on this, then check out the article from WINK News by clicking here. If you have a surplus of goods that others are in need of, do the right thing. If you want to charge, that is okay but do not go overboard with it...unless you want to be known as "That Guy." If you are worried your account may subject to potential price gouging, check out the video below.

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