KIXS 108 and Post Acute Medical join forces to recognize service men and women who have served. We thank them, we salute them, and we honor all who have fought for our freedom. This week we would like to recognize Francisco “Frank” Torres.

He was born March 22, 1942. He is an Army Veteran for six years. He served in Germany for 2.5 yrs, 1 year in Korea and the rest here in the USA. Born & Raised in Bishop Tx, has 4 children – 2 boys & 2 girls, 11 grandchildren, and soon to be 7 great grandchildren. All his children were born in Corpus Christi. When they moved here to Victoria in 1971 their youngest child was 1 month old. The youngest now is currently a grandmother. Mr. Torres stated that Victoria has been a great town/city to his family and continues to be so.
They have a house in Rockport that the family all gets together and just enjoys spending time with each other. Mr. Torres mentioned that in the beginning it was just a small get together but now that the family is bigger you can find kids and family all over the house and sleeping on floors at night. As he spoke about this you could see how much he loves it and stated -that’s what their Rockport house was built for.

Mr. Torres retired from DuPont after 29yrs. Mr. Torres is currently a Service officer with Disabled American Veterans at the Crossroads Veterans Service Center. He also was the driving force for the creation of the Veterans Center here in Victoria. The purpose of creating the center was to bring all the military service men & women under one roof. They cover a 70 mile radius which includes 27,000 veterans. For the center to be approved/created it had to go through county commissioners, local judges, and through Congressman Farenthold.

Mr. Torres began his community involvement back in 1971. One of his involvements included the boys & girls club for 23 yrs as a boxing coach. He stated that he really enjoyed volunteering with the boys & girls club.

He also volunteered with his Church to fundraise for families in need. He also taught Catechism for years with the kids at the Church. He attends Our Lady of Sorrows. He has a real passion for teaching and helping. He also served as the Victoria Park Commissioner – 1 term – 2yrs and was involved with many projects the city took on at that time.

He is quoted stating – “When you choose to serve, you never stop serving.”

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