[/caption]Sure, he discovered the theory of general relativity, but compared to 12-year-old Jacob Barnett, Albert Einstein is starting to look like a slacker.

According to BlipPitt, Barnett has already begun working on an expanded form of Einstein's revolutionary theory, which has since been validated by professors at Princeton University.

Barnett, who was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, has been a whiz for quite some time; at three years old, he could "recite the alphabet, forward and then backward" and "the first 70 digits of the mathematical constant known as pi (he’s up over 200 now)," according to the article. His IQ is currently 170 -- higher than Einstein's. Not bad for a 12-year-old, huh?

Below, watch as Barnett schools us all in this instructional video, in which he teaches us Calculus 2 and the techniques of integration. Given the author's IQ isn't exactly 170, we'll admit we were totally confused by Barnett's seminar -- but fascinated (and jealous!) nonetheless.