An 11-Year-Old TX Girl Sadly Strangled to Death Without Suspects

Horrific news coming out of Pasadena Texas today as investigators are diligently looking for who could have possibly committed the heartless crime of sexually assaulting and then strangling an 11-year-old Texas girl.

She was stuffed under a bed.

The little girl was found by her father. She had been assaulted, strangled to death, and then stuffed under a bed in a Texas apartment where she and her father lived, police reported.

The Pasadena Police Department said officers on Saturday responded to an apartment complex with a caller saying his 11-year-old daughter was not breathing.

She was on the phone with her father shortly before she was killed.

Carmelo who has a solid alibi at this point was at work, and the mother of the little girl living in Guatemala offered to police that he had been in communication with his daughter on the phone throughout the day on Tuesday, August 15th.

She said, " Someone is knocking at the door."

In their last conversation between Carmelo and his 11-year-old daughter, Carmelo offered that during their last conversation, his little girl declared someone was knocking at their door.

Family members missed her because they did not know her lifeless body was under a bed.

In an evening press conference on Tuesday, Chief Josh Bruegger said Carmelo called family members who live at the same apartment complex to check on his daughter when he had not heard from her afterward.

Not realizing perhaps that the little girl was dead and under the bed, her relatives who came to check on her, did not find her.

She had been sexually assaulted.

The little girl's death has been ruled as asphyxiation due to strangulation and blunt force head and neck trauma, according to the medical examiner.

Additional investigation determined that she had also been sexually assaulted.

Police are desperately looking for more information and suspects.

Sadly, police at this time have no suspects although they have been taking multiple samples of DNA from persons of interest at the apartment complex. Hopefully, they find the perpetrator and are brought to justice.

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