People are starting to lose it on the poor folks who answer unemployment application questions over at the Texas Workforce Commission. People are scared, people are nervous, and a heck of a lot of people are trying to file for unemployment.

We had a chance to look at some very eye-opening numbers about a week ago from Henry Guajardo at Workforce Solutions GC. At the time of the interview, Guajardo mentions his office is getting over 400 calls a day.

Now it's a week later and I'm reading more articles now about people who are starting to lose their minds trying to reach the office of the Texas Workforce Commission by telephone.

Nobody seems to be able to get through with much consistency, and call volume at this time must be insane. A shout out to all those folks who work hard over there dealing with all these calls as best they can. The TWC is pointing everyone to their website to apply. During a live video on the Texas Workforce Commission Facebook page which you can see below, they announce Texas has processed 1.2 million unemployment claims here in mid-April.

TWC says it's adding call centers and staffers to answer the phones but as heard in the video, they are encouraging anyone who needs to apply to do so online.

TWC recaps in the video that if you receive something that says you must file by a given deadline that all deadlines have been waived temporarily. You can file with a social security number and proof of address.

TWC reminds everyone looking for work that they are trying to hire 50,000 workers over at 

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