So you can't wait for the latest edition of Windows to hit the stores.  Well, now you can get your hands on Windows 8, but be warned this edition isn't even to the beta stage yet.  If you are up to it and you want to see what the talk is all about, you can download the free developer's preview, for 64 bit or 32 bit systems, and give it a test drive.  It is not like a ready-to-release operating system, it will however give you a good look at how the drastically new Metro interface is going to work and a sampling of some apps written for it.

The download is available to everyone here.

It will run on any computer that runs Windows 7 or Visa, but to get the most out of this very OS you need a tablet or a touchscreen monitor that supports multi-touch technology.  By the way, once you install, you can't uninstall so usel on a spare computer not your main or try a dual boot configuration.

This developer Preview build 8102 expires March 12, 2012.

After you get it install, here are a few early tips and tricks for using it:

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