I lost my wallet on Thursday, and I have been paying for it since.  I have realized it is no fun at all when you do not have credit cards, license, gift cards, money, health insurance card, and a few other important receipts.

I have lost my wallet before but have always located it.  I have been pretty lucky when it comes to trying to find out where I had it last.  I think I should have been a detective, but this time it's different.  I can't find it anywhere after literally spending hours looking for it.  I cancelled my cards and ordered new ones.

The problem is the result of losing your information.  I went to a local bar yesterday and they refused to serve me with no i.d.  I can understand the TABC rules to a certain extent but come on.  I am 32 years old, bald, overweight, and they don't want to take a risk?  Why can't we use our better judgement when it comes to scenarios like that.  If you have any question as to whether or not someone is over 21 then ask for the license.  I have witnessed people older than me being refused service because they didn't have their id.  Really????  I do not agree with this rule.

My second problem is with banks.  I had cancelled my card but when I call them regarding my account they can't even talk to me because I do not have my account information.  THEN YOU TELL ME HOW I'M SUPPOSED TO FIGURE THIS OUT?  As you can tell I am a little irate after dealing with 4 different customer service reps and all of them have told me different things.  Really????

I guess my point is that if you do lose your wallet and it contains your information I suggest you keep back up information somewhere safe in case that happens to you.  It's extremely annoying although on the bright side I haven't been using my debit card so I guess in a way I'm kind of saving some money.