I've had several listeners ask me the same question. "How do you determine what song is #1?" The truth is, there are lots of different systems and formulas to determine who has the "#1 song in the nation".

Besides different formulas, there are several different charts. Billboard, R&R, Mediabase and others each have their own way of determining who is #1. My advice to you is to take them all with a grain of salt and remember, no matter what the charts say, it's really entirely up to you to decide what is the #1 country song  in your life.

According to CMT Daily Roundup, Blake Shelton has the number one song this week in country music with “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking.” This is his third straight number one hit in ten months and his eighth career number one song.

With the success he’s been having, there are plenty of artists who want to work with him but he has a list of who he’d like to record with as well. Naturally, he mentions George Strait, but some of his other choices may surprise you.

He also mentions Earl Thomas Conley and Dolly Parton. Blake is set to co-host the ACM Awards April 3rd live from Las Vegas with Reba McEntire.