Being from South Texas, hockey is not the first sport that comes to mind. If someone asked me to name 8 different sports, hockey might not even make the list. But it's not like that everywhere. There are people in other parts of the world that think hockey is the ONLY sport. Apparently, Dierks Bentley is a huge hockey fan.

Dierks Bentley took a break from the Canadian leg of his Country & Cold Cans Tour to join the Calgary Flames hockey team on the ice after their practice. He managed to play a half-ice pickup game, with moves which were surely inspired by some of his favorite Nashville Predators players – Jordin Tootoo and Mike Fisher. In an interview with CMT Daily Roundup, Dierks said, “I always loved ‘Toots’ cause he goes out there and gives it 110%. It’s not about the hitting and all that stuff, just about the effort he gives when he’s on the ice, he always tries so hard. I think it rubs off on the rest of the team. And Fisher, he’s been great. For a guy like that to be new on the team, and go out and take out the toughest guy, it’s just—they’re all gellin’, man. It’s just fun to watch a team that really believes in themselves.” Dierks will have to take a break from the ice, as he brings his tour to the Burton Cummings Theater in Melbourne, Canada tonight. During Dierks’ show in Calgary, Canada former NHL player and country singer Chad Brownlee used hockey sticks with Dierks to shoot rolled-up T-shirts into the crowd.
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