Country stars are just people like you and me... well, not exactly like you and me... but they face the same daily problems as we do. They can just afford to pay someone to take care of some of the business of every day living. The truth is, they don't get out of bed looking like a million bucks, either.

CMT Daily Roundup reports that Taylor Swift’s makeup artist Lorrie Turk recently spoke to InStyle magazine about getting the country superstar ready for big events. Turk says it all starts with a photo from Taylor’s stylist of what she plans to wear, combined with the “atmosphere” of the event, whether it’s casual or formal. Turk then meets with Taylor’s hairstylist to talk about what direction to take with hair and makeup. The team brings their ideas to Taylor, who makes the “ultimate decision.” Turk says Taylor is entertaining behind the scenes, “cracking jokes” with her glam team. She also brings along a playlist to the makeup room to help get everyone pumped up.
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