Every once in a while I find myself wondering, whatever happened to this or that country star or artist. They come and go pretty fast these days... too fast, if you ask me. One week they have a high charting song or album, the next week they're gone, never to be heard from again. The other day I got to wondering about Big and Rich. These guys had a string of successful recordings that few country artists can match. But then, it seems like, they just disappeared.

Here is what I learned from CMT Daily Roundup. John Rich is still on tour with Big Kenny Alphin, but he tells Billboard that once they’re off the road, they will be heading into the studio to record their next Big & Rich album. “Kenny and I are swapping songs, swapping ideas, so I would say it's inevitable, it's coming,” he says. “And it's not like people can pitch you songs for a Big & Rich record; our music is not like anybody else's stuff. It really is a meeting of the minds between me and Kenny, so it's just a process. But we're pumped about it, I can tell you that.” It’s been more than four years since the duo released their last album, and John notes that the changes to their lives, such as having kids, may be reflected in the next album. “The one thing you can count on is when you put it on your stereo, it won't sound like anything else you put on your stereo,” he assures. The boys are on the Xtreme Muzik tour with Gretchen Wilson through October, but John says Big & Rich expect to be in the studio by the end of the year.

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