Here's a video from the Flag City Opry performance on 5/20/14. It's one of my favorite old Willie Nelson songs, "You Ought To Hear Me Cry." Willie wrote and recorded this one back in the 1960's, when he was signed to the RCA Victor label. I wasn't released as a single until 1977. Two years prior, in 1975, Willie had released "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" from his Columbia Records smash debut album, Red-Headed Stranger.

The RCA execs in Nashville had all of these old tracks in the vaults, so to capitalize on Willie's new super-stardom, they began releasing (or--in some cases--re-releasing) several of his older recordings. This song was one of those, and it went to number 16 on the Billboard Country chart in the fall of 1977. It's always been one of my favorites. This video (courtesy of Roy Ortolon and the Flag City Opry) features Craig Schmidt (pedal steel guitar), Bill Holt (upright bass), David Waters (lead guitar), Henry Hosek (fiddle), Randy Boyd (rhythm guitar) and Buddy Boehm (keyboards), with Yours Truly behind the drums.

Join me tonight (5/27/14) and every fourth Tuesday of the month as I emcee the Crossroads Country Opry show at the Jaycee Hall in Victoria, and come see the Flag City Opry every third Tuesday at the Jackson County Services Building auditorium in Edna, TX!

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▶ Skeeter Nash - You Ought To Hear Me Cry - YouTube.