If you keep valuables in your car, you should always lock your doors. As a matter of fact, even if you don't keep valuables in your car, you should still keep your doors locked when it's parked. Certainly common sense advice, especially these days, when criminals are looking for an easy score. That's the theme of this week's Crime of the Week as Victoria Police are asking for help solving a rash of vehicle burglaries in Victoria County.

On December 5th, deputies with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office investigated 22 vehicle burglaries in Quail Creek. The suspects went through the glove boxes and consoles of the victim’s vehicles, stealing valuables and leafing through paperwork.  No damage to the vehicles was reported, most likely meaning the vehicles were unlocked.

Victoria Crime Stoppers
Victoria Crime Stoppers

If you have any information about who committed this crime please call Victoria Crime Stoppers at 572-4200.  If you give information that leads to arrest or indictment you could earn a cash reward.

Crime Stoppers pays.


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