It's one of the most attended events of the year in the crossroads, the Miller Lite Blast-off, and it will be here before you know it. Plans are underway to make this year's event the best one yet.

Victoria City Council is planning its annual July 4 firework spectacular. The council will vote Tuesday to execute a contract with Zambelli Fireworks, a Pennsylvania-based pyrotechnic company, for the Independence Day show. The main show and grand finale will feature nearly 1,500 firework blasts. The contract is expected to total $25,000. Of that, the city will pay $14,000 and Hartman Distributing, a Victoria company, will contribute $11,000.

Victoria Communications Director O.C. Garza said Hartman has been a major partner with the city for many years on the July 4 celebration. "It's about a 20- to 22-minute show fired very professionally and including just about everything from the fireworks with falling tracers and beautiful shapes and patterns, to a lot of the high-volume explosion shells," he told the Victoria Advocate. "It's a blast."

Garza said this is one of the highest attended events in the city. He expects more than 10,000 people to enjoy the show.

Parks Director Doug Cochran said the partnership with Hartman gives Victorians a "bigger bang for their buck." The city's $14,000 portion comes from the parks and recreation fund, Cochran said.

The mortars will be fired from Ethel Lee Tracy Park, 701 E. Larkspur St., which will be closed during the program. Spectators can watch the show from Victoria Mall, which has joined the partnership to provide parking, space for vendors and entertainment, and easy access to the show, Cochran said.

The alternate date of the fireworks display will be July 5 in case of inclement weather.

This was not competitively bid because the shells are protected and proprietary to Zambelli Firework, of New Castle, Penn.

The city seeks proposals from companies every four years.