Victoria is a big-small town.  Like a small town, word travels fast in Victoria-just try to get away with something and see how fast word flies.   But Victoria is a great city to raise a family... and be a family.   Not only does it have great schools and an abudance of activities for students to get involved in, Victoria also sees the importance of out of school activities for families.  Victoria has everything a big city has to offer.  Maybe not to the magnitude... but still it has it..  From city parks and playgrounds, little leagues and adult leagues for every sport imaginable, museums, movie theaters, restaurants, shopping, golf courses, rivers, lakes, a municipal swimming pool, not to mention family friendly festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Victoria even has its own zoo. What other town of our size can you name that has it's own zoo? The Texas Zoo has programs designed for all ages, children to adults. What a committment the Texas Zoo is for the future of our community.  The power of a day among the animals. 

I've just scratched the surface of what is available to us in our community. If I left something out that is near and dear to you and your family, I apologize. Write me a note and I will be sure to include it next time. In the meantime, enjoy our little 'city' as much as you can. There's lots to do for you and your entire family!