Victoria College will conduct a test of its emergency alert system at 2 p.m. Thursday. Alert system testing is conducted at the beginning of each semester to help ensure the system reaches users via the contact methods they have shared with the college.

VC students, faculty and staff are encouraged to ensure their contact information is up to date in the Pirate Portal, VC's internal website, before Thursday's test alert, says the Victoria Advocate. Alerts can be received via cellphones, home phones and email. "This test ensures that we have the correct contact information on file for our students and employees so that we can quickly contact them during an emergency or campus closure," Darin Kazmir, director of marketing and communications at Victoria College, told the Advocate.

Community members can also sign up to receive alerts by contacting the VC Call Center at 361-573-3291 and supplying their names and contact information. This information will be added into the emergency alert system for future alerts.

After the test alert is sent, any users who did not receive the alert via one of their preferred contact methods are encouraged to contact the VC Call Center so potential issues can be addressed.