The 2012 Oscars have come and gone, and two breakout stars have clearly emerged. No, we’re not referring to Jean Dujardin and Jennifer Lopez’s nipple. We are of course talking about Uggie, the adorable Jack Russell terrier who was the true star of Best Picture winner ‘The Artist,’ and the almighty leg of Angelina Jolie. 

Both Uggie and Angelina’s leg were a powerful presence on the red carpet and the Oscars stage. So powerful, they had Twitter and Facebook ablaze. Imagine if Angelina’s leg and Uggie teamed up for a buddy comedy. (Get your mind out of the gutter. Uggie is a gentleman.)

A staple of this awards season, Golden Collar Award winner Uggie has proved to be the most charming movie dog since ‘Air Bud.’ And during the Oscars, he was front-and-center on stage, stealing spotlight from Jean Dujardin and Berenice whats-her-name from ‘The Artist.’

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie’s right leg came out in force at the Oscars Sunday night. In nearly every photo of the star on the red carpet — whether she was solo or with befuddled arm candy Brad Pitt — Angelina jutted out her leg in a stance that said, “I’m here. I’m Angelina Jolie’s leg. Get used to it.” It even has its own Twitter account.

So who ruled the 2012 Oscars? Take a look at adorable Uggie and Angelina’s (strange) leg pose below and then vote for which one was the biggest star of Hollywood’s biggest night.

Angelina Jolie’s leg

Fun fact: Angelina’s leg is responsible for breaking up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston.

If Angelina Jolie’s leg had starred in ‘Salt,’ the movie wouldn’t have been a total snoozefest.

Angelina Jolie’s leg thinks ‘Hackers’ is really underrated.

Angelina Jolie’s leg just adopted 18 Sri Lankan babies.

Angelina Jolie’s leg is the new UN ambassador to Haiti.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Angelina Jolie’s leg wants to remind you who wears the long, slender pants in the family.

Uggie, the dog from ‘The Artist’

Why must the Academy humiliate Uggie with that bowtie? Uggie supplies his own cuteness.

Here’s Uggie just straight-up stealing the spotlight from costar Missi Pyle.

What Uggie really wants to do is direct. And bury Jean Dujardin’s Oscar in the backyard.

“Blah blah blah, my film is a tribute to director Billy Wilder…” Move, you’re blocking Uggie! And are those guys next to Uggie making out?

“Woof! These hacks don’t deserve an Oscar! Where’s Uggie’s treats??”