Okay, it's time for me to get a pet peeve off of my chest, and since the Oppressive Management here expects me to blog a lot, this seems like a good forum in which to gripe.

My complaint rests with whoever is in charge of the traffic light timing, specifically at the intersection where Mockingbird Lane goes under the Zac Lentz Parkway. I roll through there every morning between 5:30--5:40am. I currently drive in from El Campo (and have since I started at KIXS 108 on 10/1/2012, but that will be changing after the New Year when we move to Victoria! YAY!!). So, after exiting 59 Business and getting on the "Loop," I turnoff at the Mockingbird Lane/Salem Road exit to make my way to the radio station. If the light at Zac Lentz and Mockingbird Lane turns red going my direction, it will STAY red for almost 2 minutes. Now, at the time of the morning when I roll through there, there are very few vehicles on the road, so there really is no reason for the light to stay red for that long! (Don't tell anybody, but if I sit there long enough, and there are no cars to be seen coming down Mockingbird to approach the intersection, I treat it like a three-way stop sign or light, and proceed cautiously through the intersection toward Salem Rd., even though I still have a red light!) SSSHHHH!

Now, why can't the traffic engineers set up this light so that it cycles a little more quickly during those early-morning hours? Or better yet, have it flash red one way and yellow the other way, like most of the lights up and down Navarro are doing at that same early hour? That would sure start MY day a lot better, and allow for better traffic flow though the area. Don't you agree?