Hard to believe, isn't it? Seems like just yesterday he was riding his tricycle on the sidewalk... playing little league at the park... going on his first date... graduating from high school. All kidding aside, some of our favorite country stars are getting a little "long in the tooth". Does anyone know how old George Strait is? Let's just say he's even older than Trace.

Trace Adkins turns 50 today (1/13) and while he’s grown as an artist over the years, Trace says he’s always been one to speak his mind and just be himself.  Trace told CMT Daily Roundup, “I’ve always found it easiest to live your life like that, you know? It’s a lot easier to have friends, because as soon as they figure out who you really are, you either see them a lot or you don’t ever see them again. [Laughs]” The Louisiana-born singer and father of five girls was recently voted “Country’s Sexiest Man” by readers of Country Weekly magazine.
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