Torres Elementary School was the big winner in this year's PepsiCo Recycle Rally Collection Contest, collecting 31,662 pounds of recyclable materials. Not bad! DeLeon Elementary did very well themselves, collecting 23,600 pounds, while Victoria East High School collected 12,194 pounds, Crain Elementary collected 6,285 pounds, and Smith Elementary collected 4,448 pounds. With the materials that the five schools collected, the students  helped contribute to a  a grand total of 329,454 pounds of materials, and that's a lot of materials that won't be headed to the landfill!

As a reward for they hard work, PepsiCo is rewarding the schools a total of $41,000! The Recycle Rally is an annual event that is designed to encourage kids to recycle whenever possible.

Way to go kids!

Courtesy TerraCycle