I've been to  many concerts where there have been people that have been so drunk that they kind of ruin the experience for others.  That goes for sporting events as well.  I'm pretty sure everyone has been to a sporting event where they get beer spilled on them.  It's annoying and in some cases action needs to be taken. 

Tim McGraw took matters into his own hands over the weekend at a concert in Washington.  There was a woman who was being obnoxious, drunk, spilling her beer on other fans, and people were getting tired of it.  So Tim took her on stage and security escorted her away.  I guess a few others got a little mouthy with him as he then threw a few others out as well. 

It's nice when artists stick up for the fans that are there not to get drunk but to show appreciation for that artist and the music.  I really think other musicians could learn a few things by this veteran of country music.  Check out the video below!