Like I've been saying, country music is a very large business. If you are an up and coming act or an established, bonified star, you have to make sure you cross all the T's and dot all the I's to avoid trouble down the road. I offer as an example, Tim McGraw's new CD "Emotional Traffic".

Tim McGraw’s legal battle with his record label, Curb Records, begins Tuesday as a two-day hearing takes place in a Davidson County courtroom. According to the Tennessean, the hearings will determine whether or not Curb will be allowed to prevent Tim from recording with any other label in the meantime, since the full trial won’t begin until July. CMT Daily Insider reports the country superstar hopes to release new music before his Australian tour with wife Faith Hill in the spring. Curb sued Tim last year, claiming he had breached his contract by recording his album Emotional Traffic too closely to the release of his previous album. He countersued, claiming his record deal has kept him in “involuntary servitude.”
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