Toilet paper - It is amazing how little things can just ruin your day and get under your skin. The wind came through the open window on another wonderful spring day.  Heck, the only thing missing were the birds singing me a song. My first day off in two weeks and things were great, untill I was confronted with the dumbest conversation I have ever had in my life. 

My girlfriend had just finished her morning routine and was clearly upset about something. I got this hint because she was... well, yelling and red in the face. After a few grueling minutes, I was finally told what I had done wrong.  She informed me that for the past few weeks I had been putting the toilet paper on the spindle the wrong way. 

"What on God's beautiful green earth are you talking about?" I asked her so nicely, "It only goes on one way, you can't possibly mess that task up", or so I thought.  She educated me on the fact that the toilet paper is supposed to roll off the top of the roll, and not from the bottom.  I could not believe what I was hearing!  We all know what the end result for toilet paper is and it is not pretty. 

As her voice faded off, it occurred to me this petty preference of toiletry had just ruined my perfect morning. Which to me, makes this argument two spots on the totem pole lower then two elderly friends arguing over who invented this question first. 

 Thomas's Pet Peeve of the Week.