Due to the cloudy day my friend and I decided to go to the mall. We figured we haven't been there in a good while, maybe there is something new.  If anything we can buy a movie at  Best Buy, even though we  have probably seen it a thousand times already.

As we are walking, I see a blur out the corner of my eye being pulled back by a leash.  I can't believe it!  Someone actually brought their dog to the mall. "Gee golly wilakers batman, look!" I tell my friend. We take a quick walk around the corner to see a leash, and I am not talking about a leash that was holding back Cujo from innocent women, children, and the occasional mail man. 

No, it was a three year old child who was being drug around by a leash.  I couldn't believe it.  In their hopeless attempt to make it less dehumanizing, they put a cute little monkey on the back of it.  As my friend laughed out loud at the situation, clearly making the potential parent of the year feel awkward, I had a flash back to when I was a child.

I was walking away to look at the toy isle in H.E.B, and I suddenly get a cold shiver down my spine, and stop mid stride. I turn around to see and my mother giving me "the look".  As I pulled out of my flashback, my friend was already on his phone taking pictures, and it hit me, 'What is going on nowadays when "the look" no longer exists?'  Leashes are for dog's, not children. 

If you are a user of this device for child location control, I strongly suggest you start learning the power of "the look".  It is much more effective and you won't be that person with a leash on their child.  The monkey leash.

Thomas's pet-peeve of the week.