I’m a stay-at-home mom. When I tell people that, I get a lot of “What do you do all day?” I really wish I could say that I do nothing, that I sit around and watch soaps and internet shop all day long.

In all honesty, at the end of the day when I look back, I haven’t gotten anything noticeable done. I’m sure my husband wonders what I do all day, too. So I decided to write down every single thing I did for one day. Just to give you a glimpse of what I do. Here is a typical Tuesday morning.

My day started really early at 2 am when my 2 y/o came in the room requesting cereal. After 30 minutes of convincing, he settled for a drink of water and a cracker. He then climbed in my bed.

6 am-alarm goes off. My head is right by it since I am now laying on the very edge of the bed with most of my pillow on the nightstand b/c above 2 year old is hogging my entire half of a king size bed. I get up with a crick in my neck, and start making oatmeal.

6:30 Wake up the 5 y/o and 8y/o and tell them to get ready for school

6:45 Check on above children. The 5 y/o is in his underwear playing with his toys. The 8y/o is sitting on the edge of the bed still in her pj’s with her whiny face on. I ask them in my firmest, but not yelling voice to get dressed. Everything is all set out and ready to go, what is the hold up?

7 am Everyone is dressed, except for the 5 y/o’s socks and shoes. The neighbor kids come over so I can take them to school.

The next 30 minutes (the ones where I should be getting dressed and putting on make-up and making myself look presentable) are spent trying to convince the 5 y/o that he needs to put on his socks and shoes and that he can’t take ice cream for snack. They are also spent fixing the 8 y/o’s hair b/c even though she says she’ll do it herself, I have to brush the parts that she can’t see and therefore, does not brush.

7:30 Time to leave. I round up my 3 kids and the 2 neighbor children, while telling them not to forget their lunchboxes, backpacks, jackets. As we pull up at the school, my 8 y/o tells me she forgot her show and tell.

8:10 I go back home, get show and tell and take it to the school and return home. When I return home, I find the 5 y/o’s lunch box in the backseat of the car. I re-buckle the 2 y/o, who is begging to go in and watch Diego. I return to school.

Sometime after 9 I am finally home. I pick up the laundry basket and start to load the washer. I find the neighbor’s lunchbox in the laundry basket. Back to the school I go.

I’m sure you get the idea, so I’ll spare you the details of the rest of my day.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they would be so bored if they stayed at home. I can say truthfully that I have never been bored! On top of trying to be involved in my children’s school and all of their extracurricular activities, there really is a lot going on in and around Victoria that helps to keep me and my kids busy. I’m the president of the local chapter of MOMS Club International. We are a group of SAHM’s that get together for play dates, field trips in the area, park play, coffee dates, meetings and service projects. We love meeting up at the Victoria Public Library for story time and the Children’s Museum is always a lot of fun! Every Tuesday the Victoria Zoo puts on a little program for kids called Zoosdays and that is always a hit as well! The parks are a great way to burn off some energy when the weather is nice.

I got some suggestions on what should replace the term ‘stay-at-home’ mom. Here are my favorites: Domestic Goddess, NAHANA-stands for Never At Home And Never Alone, and Director of Child Development.

Call it what you like, but I love being a Stay at Home Mom and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There is definitely never a dull moment!