We are all lucky enough (those of us who live in Texas) to live in a state rich with history. For example, within just miles of Victoria, you can easily follow the path of Texas independence including Gonzales, San Jacinto, the Alamo and more. Today happens to be the 176th anniversary of the Goliad Massacre.

Remember Goliad. On this day in 1836, which happened to be Palm Sunday, at least 342 Texans were executed by firing squad at Goliad. The Texans considered these men prisoners of war, whereas General Santa Anna thought them "perfidious foreigners." The Mexican dictator had decreed that all Texans in arms against the Mexican government were to be treated as traitors, not soldiers. The men were led out of town and shot at point- blank range. Those not killed by the first volley were hunted down and killed by gunfire, bayonet, or lance. The bodies were left unburied. The incident, which became known among Anglo-Texans as the Goliad Massacre, joined the Alamo as a rallying cry for Texas independence.