Sometimes we forget, but country music is a business... a BIG business. Have you ever thought about how much revenue is generated by a performer like Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw? Just think about it for a moment. There are concerts and merchandise and record sales and downloads and endorsements, not to mention local economies that reap the benefits of a large concert. I'm talking about hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, car rentals, etc. We haven't even mentioned airlines and taxis and limo services. I think you get the idea. The country music business is about making m-o-n-e-y... money. Country music artists and their labels and management are always looking for a way to boost sales.

 According to CMT Daily roundup,"country artists who performed on the 2011 CMT Music Awards last Wednesday have seen a boost in sales of their music. According to SoundScan, four of the top five country singles were performed on the CMT Music Awards with Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” claiming the #1 spot. Toby Keith, debuted his new single, “Made In America” on the show and it landed at an impressive #24 on the country digital track chart its first week. Downloads for Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer,” which he performed on the awards, jumped 806%. Kid Rock saw the biggest gain in physical-album sales with a 34% jump for his latest, Born Free."

So, next time you purchase music or even buy a taco on the way to a concert, remember, you are supporting a HUGE industry... country music.