Townsquare Media would like to take a moment to say Thank You to all the Heroes Behind the Badge.  We want to say Thank You to all the police officers, sheriff’s deputies, corrections officers, detectives, parole officers, probation officers, SWAT team members, traffic cops, police supervisors, law enforcement managers, fire fighters, EMS personnel and police chiefs.This week we would like to feature Lieutenant Criminal Investigations Gary Lytle.

We asked Gary a few questions so we could get to know him better.

Best memory as a child: Fishing at Baffin Bay

Favorite place to eat locally: My choice for burgers is Dairy Treat

How long they have been in law enforcement? I began my career in law enforcement in March of 1975 with the Victoria Police Department as a dispatcher.  I moved from there to the local TX DPS office also a dispatcher. After leaving TX DPS I worked in the private sector for many years in the oil field and manufacturing.  I returned to law enforcement in February of 1993 after accepting a position with the Sheriff’s Office.  I will soon complete my 24th year, so in total I have almost 27 years of service.  I have worked and promoted my way from a Detention Officer through the ranks to the Lieutenant of the Criminal Investigations Unit.

What made you become an officer?  My brother retired from Law Enforcement after over 30 years of service.  I guess one of the original reasons was to follow the example set by my brother. There was also an element of excitement and the fact the job tends not to be mundane.  The best part of the job is making a positive impact on people’s lives.  I have always strived to do not only what is correct but what is right.  I am a family man and put my family and my faith first.  I am not a person that enjoys notoriety or being in the spotlight so this is very hard for me.  I am proud of my position and the years of service to this community.  I work with an exceptional group of men and women that have made an impression on my that I will carry the rest of my life.

If you know of someone who deserves to be honored please fill out the brief questionnaire below. Each week our station will be honoring a law enforcement person on air.