Kristen Kelly is a new face on the country music scene. She comes from Lorena, Texas and has already made a splash on the country music charts. 

Heartache inspired Kristen Kelly’s debut single “Ex-Old Man,” and she’s learning that her fans have also experienced that same agony! Kristen told CMT Daily Roundup, “I have had several people that have said, ‘That’s my story.’ And it’s not just know, obviously switch it around...she ran off with his best friend. But, I mean, unfortunately I’m not happy that other folks have experienced what I experienced, but they like the song...I’m not sad about that [laughs]! “Ex-Old Man” is the first single off Kristen’s upcoming album, and you can hear it right here on KIXS 108. She’s currently on tour with Brad Paisley on his Virtual Reality tour.