It's my job to listen to the listeners. That means you. I take into account what you have to say about every artist we play (or don't play) on KIXS 108. It seems to me, at least from what I've heard you say, that you either love Taylor Swift or you don't care for her much. It's as if there's no in-between. But, love her or not, it's hard to argue with the success she has had over a short period of time at such an early age. The fact is, she can write with the best of them, as evidenced by her latest number one.

Kudos to Taylor Swift, whose “Sparks Fly”, according to CMT Daily Roundup, has topped the country charts. Having written every song on her Speak Now album by herself, it’s a special feeling to see a song grow from its infancy to a #1. “The most amazing feeling is to watch a song start out as just an idea that hits you in the middle of your day, and kind of haunts you until you write it. And, then you’re playing it in your living room on guitar, and then you take it into a studio and they put a band behind it. And, then it goes out into the world and it becomes what it’s going to be.” The recently crowned CMA Entertainer of the Year is still in the midst of her Speak Now World Tour, with the next stop Wednesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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