"Bakersfield," the new album by Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill and ace steel guitarist, Paul Franklin, is available in stores and on digital download sites today! This collection features 5 classic Buck Owens and 5 classic Merle Haggard songs, given a loving and respectful treatment by Gill and Franklin. To celebrate the release, an interactive website lets you be an honorary "Buckaroo" or "Stranger," a virtual tip of the hat to Buck's and Merle's famous backing bands!

The website, The Road To Bakersfield, lets you upload a photo of yourself; then you can choose to be either a "Buckaroo" or a "Stranger," with some digital "outfitting." You can then share your photo on social media. I did it, and you can, too! You can also listen to samples of the album's songs, and access exclusive videos featuring Vince and Paul talking about the making of the album. What a great tribute to two "giants" of the West Coast Country sound!