Mackie the Boston Terrier Loves Being Tickled [VIDEO]
As Della Reese once said in the 1996 Martin Lawrence classic of the same name, “It’s a thin line between love and hate.” Mackie the Boston Terrier clearly has some strong feeling about being tickled, but whether “Please sir, may I have another?” or “If you touch me again, I’m going to explode” is up…
Dog Tries to Play Fetch With Lazy Twin Babies [VIDEO]
When this dog was a puppy, he was playing fetch like it was his birth right. Meanwhile, all these babies want to do is sit by the pool on their weak, underdeveloped muscles, sucking on their fingers like they’re covered in Similac. Come on babies, doggie wants to play!
A Houdini? No, How About A Faildini!
I am somewhat a fan of magic and some of the stunts magicians pull.  Like how in the world does Chris Angel do some of the things he does?  It's truly amazing to try and figure out how exactly tricks and magic work.  How many times do you have to fail and injure yourself to get i…

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